Retail Payments

With our Retail Payments product, mobile wallets will make your commercial clients’ lives easier through faster, more secure and more efficient business purchases, while providing the same convenience you have in your personal transactions.


What’s the benefit for small businesses?

There are three prime reasons why enabling our Blockchain powered mobile wallet payments is a smart move for business owners: security, speed, and convenience. NFC transactions are completed in seconds, which is faster than processing magnetic-stripe cards or making change. They’re also dramatically faster than EMV (chip card) payments, which can take longer than magstripe payments to complete. By accepting payments from mobile wallets, you can drastically reduce customer wait times at checkout.

Mobile wallets are also extremely convenient. They mean no more lugging around a wallet with credit cards. And if customers happen to have forgotten their wallet, they can still pay for things at your business with their phone.

But perhaps the biggest draw for consumers is knowing that transactions with their mobile wallets are extremely secure. The data associated with cards stored in mobile wallets is encrypted and constantly changing — which makes it near impossible for fraudsters to extract.